xos trucks

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve officially rebranded today after the report of a new company name was leaked by Trucks.com earlier. The rebrand represents a new stage for us as we begin to look at product offerings in our pipeline that move beyond our core business of building commercial vehicle hardware.

Xos is short for ‘exosphere’ — the outermost section of the planet’s atmosphere — and is representative of our investment in developing cutting edge technologies and mobility solutions that exceed anything on the present market.

“We see Xos as the ‘os’ for fleets — the intersection between energy and software,” said Dakota Semler, CEO and co-founder of Xos. “That the name is cheeky, playful, and maybe slightly irreverent doesn’t hurt either.”

The number of fleets making the transition from diesel to electric mobility is increasing and Xos is aiming to help fleets through that transition with more than just a truck.

The new name will be followed by an expanded product offering and focus beyond trucks, which we’re excited to share more about in the coming months. Catch us at the ACT EXPO in Long Beach next week where we’ll be announcing even more big news!