Video Source: Freightwaves

Watch Xos COO Giordano Sordoni sharing insights into Xos’ unique approach to making electric fleets a reality with FreightWaves’ Paul Hampstead at the Transparency18 conference.

We’ve focused on developing our own batteries that are right for the job. Rather than leverage existing technology, the batteries in our vehicles are purpose-built for the rigorous demands of commercial applications.

We believe that fleet operators shouldn’t have to decide between what’s best for business and what’s best for the planet. Our trucks not only save operators on fuel, maintenance, and compliance, but often cost less than their diesel alternative after available incentives. We’re delivering vehicles that not only make sense environmentally, but also economically.

We’re working with industry-leading partners to build and service our vehicles. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’re taking a practical approach to making electric fleets a reality today.

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