ET-One price ranges from $150,000 to $250,000 depending on vehicle configuration.

Yes. The ET-One will be made available for lease.


The battery can be charged from depletion to full in 90 minutes.

Charging costs are dependent on your local utility rates but fuel costs savings are guaranteed. Contact our sales team for a free assessment.

Charger installation costs are highly variable. Please contact our sales team for a free assessment.


Xos’s proprietary lithium-ion packs have an extended limited warranty. See Warranty documents for more details.

Packs are modular, allowing for up to 1MWh upon customer request.

Xos uses a cylindrical lithium-ion cell format to achieve class-leading energy densities.

Batteries add significant weight to a vehicle. The ET-One battery pack is no exception. However, we understand payload capacity is crucial to a fleet’s operation. We’ve designed our battery pack with this in mind.

Yes. Xos battery packs are designed to withstand extreme weather.

ET-One is targeted at short-haul markets where daily miles traveled rarely exceeds 250. Xos’s battery configuration is modular, allowing for up to 300 miles of range.


Yes. However, the ET-One will first be made available online.

Contact Xos Trucks to inquire about becoming a Xos Authorized Dealer.


Gear shifting is automatic. No experience driving a manual transmission is required to safely operate an ET-One.

Electric motors offer a few torque advantages over a conventional diesel motor including instantaneous torque and sustained peak torque. You will feel the difference.

The motor makes little noise. This is the first thing customers notice when driving the ET-One.

Yes. ET-One’s regenerative braking system allows for extended range, less maintenance, and improved safety.

Warranty and Service

The Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty and all extended warranties are outlined in the warranty document provided upon vehicle purchase.

Xos will not sell a vehicle without an established service partner and robust parts network in place. These partnerships are currently pending.


The ET-One is available for demos only at this stage. Before production in 2019, we will enable pre-ordering.

Test Drives

If you are interested in test driving the vehicle, please contact us.

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