What Drives Us

We are a Los Angeles-based Transportation Lab focused on bringing solutions to fleet owners everywhere.

We believe in electric vehicles without compromises, and that fleet operators shouldn’t have to decide between what’s best for business, and what’s best for the planet.

Xos builds battery electric vehicles for commercial applications, and the batteries that go in those vehicles. While there are many problems worth solving in transportation, we decided to start with electrification of commercial vehicles for three reasons. 

Electrification leads to massive changes in a fleet’s cost structure by saving fleets money on fuel, maintenance, and compliance. We started by helping fleets go electric to help them stay competitive in the world of “on-demand free shipping”.

While diesel commercial vehicles make up about 7% of vehicle on our roads, they account for almost 18% of on-road emissions. Many regional and local commercial vehicles bring these emissions to straight to the communities where we live, work, and send our kids to school. We think it’s time for a shift.

The foundation of electric vehicle technology was set in the early 1900’s. However, up until now deploying electric vehicles involved compromises in performance, aesthetics, reliability, and convenience. Now that electric vehicles have come of age, that’s no longer the case.

Fleet is
in our DNA.

Xos was founded by fleet operators
who grew up in the industry.
We understand the needs of today’s
fleets and strive to unlock value for you.

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