Buyer Support

Buyer Support

State Incentive Support

California HVIP Vouchers Available

$85,000 Vouchers Available for Electrifying Fleets.

  • No Trade-in Required
  • First Come, First Served Program
  • All CA Fleets Eligible
  • Trucks Must be Registered and Operating in CA
  • Fleets Can Request up to 30 Vouchers
  • Other Conditions or Restrictions May Apply
  • Contact Xos for more information
  • Additional incentive program support available on select states.

Capital Support


Xos is happy support buyers with a variety of purchasing, leasing, and financing options.

Walkaway Lease

Lease terms that meet your operational needs while also saving you money by converting your diesel fleet to fully electric, zero-emissions vehicles with less moving parts, no gas or diesel costs, and lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Customer Support

New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Unsure about how or where to maintain a commercial electric vehicle? The Xos-backed New Vehicle Limited Warranty will provide you with peace of mind and service solutions for your new commercial electric vehicle. See New Vehicle Limited Warranty for details.

Warranty Overview

  • 2 Years / 24,000 mile Tire Warranty
  • 3 Year / Unlimited Mileage warranty for:
    • Basic Vehicle
    • Battery (12v)
    • Paint, Body, and Chassis
    • Axles
    • Suspension
    • Power Electronics
    • Drivetrain
  • 5 year / 125,000 mile warranty for:
    • Motor & Invertor
    • Battery (propulsion)
  • 5 Year / unlimited mile warranty for:
    • Onboard Charger
    • HVAC
    • Cab Structure
    • Frame Rails
    • Crossmembers
    • Cab Corrosion / Perforation
    • Chassis Corrosion

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