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Expanding Our Energy Solutions with Xos DC Fast Chargers

Since we opened our doors in 2016, we have focused on purpose-built technology and products to help the trucking industry transition to fully-electric. We started off with the most essential piece first, the stepvan, and we’re incredibly proud of the adoption we’ve seen over the last six years. However, every truck we sell raises an important question: how do fleets go about charging their vehicles? Despite the continued adoption of laws promoting decarbonization and tackling climate change, charging infrastructure remains a major hurdle in achieving widespread electric vehicle adoption. Xos is here to help usher in a new era of change.

Today, we are thrilled to unveil our suite of Xos DC Fast Chargers. The chargers are compatible with both passenger and commercial electric vehicles and are available for purchase now. The five charger models offer different kilowatt per hour charges and come in a variety of applications, including standalone, wall-mounted, and portable. For fleet owners of Xos vehicles, the chargers can be monitored through our Xosphere™ fleet management platform where charging profiles and schedules can be remotely monitored and maintained. Learn more about Xos DC Fast Chargers in this video:

Let’s take a look at the five charger options.

When asked about what makes Xos Chargers stand out from other options, Kyle Garvin, Director of Sales for Xos Energy Solutions, notes the availability, portability, and convenience of the chargers as key differentiators. “We’re committed to providing our fleet customers with the best charging solutions and fleet management tools so they can keep uptime high and continue seeing greater savings on total cost of ownership,” he said.

Xos DC Fast Chargers are available for purchase now! Pricing and charging time may vary based on the battery configuration of each truck. For more information, contact sales@xostrucks.com.

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