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Meet Our Xperts: Part II

This month, our spotlight falls on three members of our team who bring talent, experience and an inspiring attitude to work every single day. With different backgrounds, knowledge, and skillsets, these three demonstrate that it’s not just where you work but who you work with.

Saleh Heydari — VP of Software Development

As a proud father of two young daughters, Saleh’s all about sustainability and improving our world for future generations. See what his day-to-day work is like and find out more about his upcoming projects in the video above.

 Sarah Barrett — Development Engineer Intern
Sarah at the 2019 Miramar Air Show in her hometown of San Diego

Q: What is unique about Xos that you’ve never experienced in another workplace?

SB: Xos is actually my first industry internship! I’ve been learning so much about mechanical engineering while having fun in Xos’ work environment. I’m able to actually contribute to the team, which is really exciting to me, considering I haven’t even finished school yet. Everyone is so friendly and happy to answer my questions, so I get to learn about what other people at the company are doing. I’m having a really awesome time.

Q: What is your fondest memory with the Xos team?

SB: We had a company bonding event at Malibu Wine Safari, which was really fun. Since a lot of the team has been working from home, it was nice to get to see people that i’ve never met before.

Q: What are three things you’ve always wanted to do?

SB: 1. I have a massive mental list of places around the world I want to visit, so I’d want to go to a lot of them.

2. Have a killer garden. I love to garden, so I want to start a really nice garden after I graduate. I also love animals, so I’d want lots of animals too, like a pig, chickens, a cat, a snake, all sorts of things.

3. Become a pilot. I love planes, so I’d love to learn how to fly.

Q: If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

SB: I love living in LA, but right now I really want to live in Colombia for a while. My mom is from Colombia, and I haven’t visited that often, so I really want to learn more about my culture, meet my family, and strengthen my Spanish.

Q: While we all miss seeing friendly faces around the office, what’s the most positive element of working from home during quarantine?

SB: Definitely wearing pajama pants while working is a lot of fun, but one thing I’ve been really enjoying is getting to make a proper lunch during my lunch break. I’m able to stir fry some vegetables and eat fresh warm food. It’s so good.

Sarah with her Xos coworkers at Malibu Wines

Ting Li — Production Engineer

Q: What do you love most about your role at Xos?

TL: There are a wide range of things you could be doing. And everything you do matters and makes changes to the future of the company.

Q: What is an Xos team tradition that you love being a part of?

TL: We always drank beer together on Friday afternoons, and we still do.

Q: What’s the number one thing on your bucket list?

TL: To have a small farm later on in life with some hogs and goats.

Q: If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

TL: Probably Hawaii, either Oahu or Maui. And I can’t name exactly why I like it there even after so many visits, it’s just relaxing to me. And it will be a perfect place for that farm.

Q: On days when you work from home, what’s something positive that brings a smile to your face during quarantine?

TL: The positive element is definitely more time with my family. I get to eat lunch with my wife, and my cat will sleep on my lap for hours when I am working.

Ting working from home while his cat, Meimei, sleeps in his lap

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